Our philosophy is simple: repair the roof as long as you can and then replace it after you have gotten the maximum service life out of it. Roofs are expensive and should last 20+ years given the advancements made in material quality and installation methods. We believe that almost any roof can be repaired and we can match materials quite well. We also have a repair credit program for our customers that use us for all of their roof management needs. For example: if we repair your roof three times during it's lifespan and you spend $1,200 on those repairs, we will credit a portion of that towards your new roofing system. 


 Aside from the rare natural disaster, most roofing systems should last 20+ years. We hope that most people only have to go through the roof replacement process a few times in their lives. When it comes time to replace your roofing system, it is vitally important to get all of the small details right. We spend more time on the front end with inspections, research and planning to make sure that the roofing system you have installed is built to last. In my career, I have seen many roofs fail prematurely because the proper amount of work wasn't done on the front end in order to get the system designed and installed the right way. 


Maintenance is under appreciated in the roofing industry, in my experience. Just like a car, furnace, or lawn mower, your roofing system requires maintenance. Maintenance is the key component to getting the maximum service life out of your roofing system. A vital part of the roof management process is annually maintenance inspections. These inspections help monitor the performance of the roof. Most people don't realize that caulk on exposed fasteners, flashing components, and other elements of the roof typically fail before the shingles, and this leads to leaks that can be very troublesome. Ask us about our maintenance program.


We aim to respond to emergency calls within a just few hours. We offer various emergency services such as tarps to prevent water and outside elements from damaging the roof further until we can set up a repair plan. We can replace blown off shingles with the closest match. Contact us right away if you are needing an emergency roof service . 






We would love the opportunity to work with you on your next roofing project, whether it's a repair, replacement or general maintenance.

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